Napoleon Street

Row House CDC is in the process of completing the second phase of a two-phase project, supported by and in partnership with Midtown Redevelopment Authority in the north eastern corner of Third Ward.  This final phase of the low-income Pilot Project, which is projected to be completed by the Summer of 2013, is located on the 3400 block of Tuam and Drew Streets, bordered between Napoleon and Canfield.   This low-income housing development will include 15-17 duplexes consisting of 30-34 two and three bedroom rental units.  The 730-900 square foot units are similar to the duplexes built on Division and Francis Streets, but are slightly larger and incorporates deep front and rear porches.  Like Anita Street, the Napoleon Street properties are conveniently located within one block of the Scott Street corridor, which includes a rail line scheduled for completion in 2013.  It is also close to both University of Houston and Texas Southern University.


Available Units

Available January 1, 2013*:

Anita Street, 2-1 Apartment - $575

Click here for more information about available units and minimum income requirements.

*Dates subject to change.
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