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Our mission is to promote low and moderate income rental housing for persons in the Northern Third Ward, while preserving the character and architecture of the area.


Row House CDC believes that a diverse economic base is necessary for a vibrant community; therefore, we are not anti-development nor do we demonize gentrification.  Our focus is to promote equal opportunity to live in Northern Third Ward, including low-to-moderate-income residents.  This is the population that is most immediately impacted by the growing trend of gentrification that is encroaching upon the neighborhood.  This population of long-standing residents also significantly adds to the asset base of the community, thus supporting a continued need for quality affordable housing in Third Ward in the foreseeable future.


Row House CDC was established in 2003 as a sister corporation to Project Row Houses (PRH) in direct response to PRH’s vision to “create community” in Houston’s Northern Third Ward. Row House CDC’s mission is to develop affordable housing, public spaces, and facilities to preserve and protect the historic character of the Third Ward.  However, our interests extend far beyond low-income housing, and include strengthening, sustaining and celebrating the life of the Third Ward community. Row House CDC’s target area is the northern section of Third Ward which is bounded by McGowan on the north, Alabama on the south, Scott on the east and Hwy 288 on the west.


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